President’s Message President’s Message

President’s Message

In this day and age when the needs of our clients are becoming increasingly diversified,
we, at Wise Infinity, Inc, place utmost value on “love”, which we believe is the starting point of every service. Each client requires a different kind of service.
Consequently, the services that we provide should not be uniform.

Even when our clients might be wondering “Is this too much to ask?”
we consider it our job to sense their needs and provide the optimum service.
The common desire of our staff is “to meet all kinds of requests to the best of our ability”.
Furthermore, we will aim for 100% customer satisfaction by continued efforts to improve our capabilities as a group of professionals.

Corporate Philosophy

Business Management Filled with Love

We will make contributions to consumers, our clients,
employees and to the society through a “business
management filled with love” that takes advantage of every “wisdom(wise)”
that gather here and maximize our “infinite (infinity)” possibilities.

Business Policy

  • We will support “dreams and excitement” by “bridging our clients and foreign cultures.”
  • We will do our utmost to assist our clients and continue to be a trustworthy company.
  • We will return the knowledge and know-how that we accumulate through our business.
  • We will give our employees their due share for their efforts.
  • We will return a part of our profits to society.

Corporate Action Guidelines

The 7I’s (7 Loves)

  • Influence

    We aspire to become a company capable of having an “influence” on society.

  • Involve

    We will actively “involve” ourselves in our jobs.

  • Independent

    We will nurture “independent” people and bring them to personal fulfillment.

  • Individuality

    We will capitalize on the “individuality”of our staff.

  • Impress

    We will provide service that will “impress” our clients.

  • Imform

    We will provide our clients with useful “information.”

  • Imagination

    We will exercise our “imagination” to sense the clients’ needs.

Company Profile会社概要

Company name Wise-Infinity Inc.
Address 2F Round Cross Akasaka,
2-10-9, Akasaka, Minato-ku,
Tokyo JAPAN 107-0052
TEL/FAX TEL +81-3-5544-8510/FAX +81-3-5544-8511
Founded February 2000
President Nanako Yamashita (Ms)